VisionAppster Store Seller Manual

In this Seller Manual Users can find essential information concerning the Selling Feature of VisionAppster Store and how to become a Seller.

  • General

  • VisionAppster Store

    VisionAppster Store constitutes of two different features, which are Selling and Purchase. With the Selling feature, the Seller may upload its Components into the VisionAppster Cloud (software code including any associated documentation) which it has developed by using VisionAppster Builder. Subject to acceptance of separate agreement between VisionAppster and the Seller and paying an annual Seller account fee of ninety-nine (99) euros, the Seller gets access to VisionAppster Store's Selling features and may provide its Component and make it publicly available to be licensed by other users on the Store by using the VisionAppster Cloud as a platform for transaction executed between the Seller and other users. The Seller may also purchase other Sellers' Components available in the Store and create new Components in which are integrated other Users' Components.

    As said above, Components may be integrated meaning that the Seller's Component may include also other User's Component(s) and is made available as an Integrated Component to Users upon ordering process between Seller and User. In the event of uploading an Integrated Component, the Seller shall enter any relevant information, such as related components, related dependencies and related product images. The version and price of an Integrated Component will be frozen at the time of uploading it into the Store, in order to verify the division of payments between the Seller and other Users whose Components are included in the Integrated Component.

  • How to start?

    To be able to use VisionAppster Store as a Seller, the User must register a Seller account to VisionAppster Cloud.

    How to open a VisionAppster Store Seller account:
    1) Go to VisionAppster Store Seller registering site;
    2) Click "Sign as a Seller"
    2) Enter the required information;
    3) Read and agree to VisionAppster Store Seller Agreement;
    4) Pay the VisionAppster Seller account fee;
    5) Go to your email and click the verification link sent to you;
    6) Check out your phone and fill the pin code we send to you to the indicated box;
    7) Start to make money with VisionAppster Store!

    Every time Seller logs in the VisionAppster Store, the Seller is required to use two-way authentication process. With this procedure VisionAppster is able to maintain a better security level for all Users of VisionAppster Platform.

  • What does a Seller account include?

    When registering a VisionAppster Store Seller account, the User shall enter the required information and pay an annual ninety-nine (99) € Seller account fee.

    Against the payment:

    – Seller is allowed to distribute its Components via VisionAppster Store. The Seller gets seventy (70) % of revenue from all sales of its Components;
    – VisionAppster handles worldwide payment processing;
    – VisionAppster takes care of the paper work with EULA and other agreements;
    – Seller gets online support on its Seller account.

  • Appointment of Agent

    When the User enters into an agreement with VisionAppster to become a Seller, the User appoints VisionAppster as its agent for marketing and sales purposes in relation to the User's Components as set forth in Store Seller Agreement. By appointing VisionAppster as its agent, the Seller agrees and undertakes that VisionAppster is entitled to thirty (30) per cent service fee from the price of the Component that the Seller sets for the Component (excluding payment processing fee and all applicable taxes that VisionAppster is obliged to collect) when uploading and making it available for other Users to license.

  • How to add your Components to sale

    After the User has registered as a Seller on VisionAppster Cloud, the User is allowed to upload its Component to VisionAppster Cloud and make it publicly available for other Users to license. When uploading its Component and Seller Material to the Store, the Seller shall decide upon:

    a) uploading the Component to be available on the Store;
    b) if applicable, selection of other Users' Components for purpose of creating Integrated Component;
    c) providing information required on the upload site;
    d) choosing the license under which the Seller wants to put its Component under;
    e) price of each Component and/or Integrated Component;
    f) selection and providing of Seller Material;
    g) setting the applicable EULA that conforms Store Seller Agreement.

    VisionAppster shall review the uploaded Component before it is made available to other Users. VisionAppster retains the right to require modifications to the Component. VisionAppster may perform the review as many times as needed in order to make sure that the Component is acceptable and in compliance with any Requirements. VisionAppster shall also be entitled to any other needed actions, including without limitation to rejecting or deleting a Component.

  • What information is Seller required to give to VisionAppster?

    When the User is willing to become a Seller, the User is obliged to give information to VisionAppster as follows:

    ● Name
    ● Email address
    ● Password
    ● Mobile number
    ● Address, postal code, city and country of residence
    ● PayPal account information
    ● VAT number (EU/EEA residents) or other indirect tax number
    ● Business or Personal ID
    ● Copy of User's passport and utility bill (for example electricity or water bill)

  • What if Seller wants to change the information on its Seller account?

    Seller is allowed to change its account information (e.g. contact information, password and other information except the PayPal account information) on the Cloud dashboard. If Seller is willing to change the information concerning its PayPal account, the Seller shall sent a Support request to VisionAppster via Cloud's Support request tool. VisionAppster will freeze the Seller's account for the time that VisionAppster authenticates the change of Seller's PayPal account information.

  • Term & Termination

    The Seller Agreement comes into effect when the User signs as a Seller and ticks the "acceptance box". Both parties are entitled to terminate the Account and Agreement for convenience by giving electronic or written notice to the other party thirty (30) days in advance. In the event of User's breach of the VisionAppster Store Seller Agreement, VisionAppster may terminate User's Seller account with immediate effect.

  • Support

    If User encounters a problem with its use of VisionAppster Store's Selling Feature after registering as a Seller, User is allowed to submit a support request to VisionAppster through its Seller account to get online support.

  • Licensing, Payments & Taxes

  • Component licensing options at VisionAppster Store

    Seller can choose between different license fee options as follows:

    Monthly subscription license: Licensee pays recurring license fee once a month unless the Licensee terminates subscription forty-eight (48) hours before the beginning of a new subscription period.
    Per seat license: Licensee pays license fee per device and/or client in which the Licensee uses the Component.
    Usage based license: Licensee pays a license fee per API requests made. VisionAppster charges a service fee for providing the Cloud Engine infrastructure as set forth in service specific site.

    The Licensee shall be allowed to sublicense the original Seller's Component as a part of its Integrated Component with the license options the original Seller has provided its original Component.

  • License grants

    Licensees shall have a valid license for all versions of the Component that have the same major version number. When the Seller updates the Component so that the major version number changes, the Component will not be compatible with the previous versions with a different major version number and the Licensees will have to purchase a new version for the price set by the Seller to get a license for the new version with different major version number.

  • Component pricing at VisionAppster Store

    Seller may choose to upload its Component to be made available free of charge or for a license fee. Seller may set the Price for license (excluding applicable value added, sales, goods and services or other similar indirect taxes, Cloud Engine service fee and payment processing fees) to Components in euros (EUR). The price of a Component license shall be at least five (5) euros due administrative expenses. To the Price set by the Seller will VisionAppster add applicable Cloud Engine service fee, payment processing fee and taxes. If the Seller chooses to distribute its Component with a Usage based license, VisionAppster will add its Cloud Engine service fee to the Price the Seller has set for the license. The Prices set under this Section will determine the amount of funds Seller will receive.

    If Seller chooses to distribute its Component free of charge under the Usage based license, VisionAppster will in this case also charge the Licensee the Cloud Engine Service fees as set forth in service specific site and this User Manual.

  • Cloud Engine Pricing

    Cloud Engine service provided by VisionAppster is charged per one thousand (1000) API requests. When the Seller uploads its Component to VisionAppster Store to make it publicly available under the Usage based license, VisionAppster will require that the Component shall have a cropping feature so that VisionAppster can estimate the stress that the Component puts the Cloud Engine server under and will be able to give a price for the Cloud Engine service for Usage based license.

    In this purpose API request means every call that the application or other software makes to VisionAppster's Cloud Engine server. API requests can only be bought in packages that are paid in advance from the service specific site. The User will be notified before the API requests bought come to an end. If the User does not buy more API requests, the Cloud Engine service will stop working when the API requests run out.

  • Can Seller change the price of a Component?

    If Seller wants to change the price of its Component on VisionAppster Store, it can be made subject to the following:

    Generally, the price of a license can be changed for the purchases following the price change.

    Components that the Seller has uploaded and made available in the Store free of charge, the Seller may not in future collect any license fees for those Component copies that have been purchased free of charge earlier. If Seller chooses to change its Component from free of charge to subject of a license fee, the Seller is obliged to upload a new version of the Component to the Store.

    Price for per seat license can be changed for the new Licensees who have not previously purchased licenses for the Component in question.

    The price of monthly subscription license can be changed for the purchases following the change. For Licensees who have purchased the subscription license before the price change, the previous price set by the Seller shall remain in force for six (6) months after the end of the month when the Seller makes the change. After that the Licensee shall decide if it wants to continue to purchase the license with the new price or stop purchasing the subscription.

  • What if the Seller wants to remove its Component from VisionAppster Store?

    If the Seller wants to remove a Component from the Store, such Component will be removed from the Store's Component selection within a time period of sixty (60) days (VisionAppster will, however, keep a copy of such Component for administrative purposes). Despite the removal, license to Component granted before removal will remain at the use of the Licensees for the purpose of being integrated as part of Integrated Component for one hundred eighty (180) days after the Component has been removed from the Store's Component selection.

  • How will Seller get paid?

    From the Price payable by the Licensee (excluding indirect taxes collected by VisionAppster) shall be deducted first all administrative fees (included but not limited to payment processing fees, Cloud Engine service fees, possible refunds etc.). From the residual net price will VisionAppster withhold thirty (30) per cent as a service fee and the remaining seventy (70) will be remitted to the Seller in accordance with VisionAppster's standard business practices, including the following:

    Remittance payments (i) are made to Seller's PayPal account; (ii) require Seller to provide necessary information related to remittance on the Seller's VisionAppster Cloud account; and (iii) subject to the foregoing requirements, will be made no later than forty-five (45) days following the end of the monthly period in which the amount in question was received by VisionAppster from the Licensee. No later than forty-five (45) days following the end of each monthly period, VisionAppster makes available to the Seller on its VisionAppster Cloud account a sales report in sufficient detail to permit the Seller to identify the Components sold in that monthly period and the total amount to be remitted to the Seller by VisionAppster.

    The reason VisionAppster holds Seller's share of the sales for forty-five (45) days is that in this period VisionAppster is able to handle all possible claims with respect to the Seller's Component sales in the month in question.

  • Payment Processing Fee

    VisionAppster shall add a payment processing fee (4,5%) to the price the Seller sets for its Component. The payment processing fee will be calculated based on the total transaction price (including taxes, if applicable).

  • Taxes

    In the event that the sale of any of the Components to any Licensee is subject to any value added, sales, use, goods and services, or other similar tax or levy, under applicable law, VisionAppster shall collect and remit tax concerning of the sales of the Components in the countries described in this User Manual. If any price payable by any Licensee for any of the Component is subject to any other tax or other government levy of whatever nature, the full amount of that tax or levy shall be solely for Seller's account, and shall not reduce the service fee to which VisionAppster is entitled with respect to the Terms.

    Seller shall be obliged to provide to VisionAppster all information, including but not limited to any needed certification or documentation needed for the tax authorities to account for performance of Seller's obligations. Without limitation of any other remedies under the Terms or at law, any Seller's failure to provide aforementioned information or documentation will be considered as basis for VisionAppster to suspend payment to Seller under the Terms indefinitely until provision of such information or documentation. Suspended payment shall not accrue or be entitled to any interest of any kind.

    Seller agrees that it has sole responsibility and liability for any actions related to Seller's Taxes or other applicable duties. Seller shall indemnify and hold VisionAppster harmless against any and all claims by any tax authority for any underpayment of any value added, sales, goods and services, use or other tax or levy, and any penalties and/or interest thereon.

  • Tax remittance country list

    In the event that the sale of any of the Components to any Licensee is subject to any value added, sales, use, goods and services, or other similar tax or levy, under applicable law, VisionAppster shall collect and remit the aforementioned taxes of sales that are made in the following countries:

    Czech Republic

    New Zealand

    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa
    South Korea
    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom
    United States**

    * VisionAppster will collect and remit aforementioned taxes for the sales in the following provinces: Quebec

    ** VisionAppster will collect and remit aforementioned taxes for the sales in the following states: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio.

  • Refunds

    All sales made on VisionAppster Store are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise required by applicable law.

    Terms and conditions concerning refunds on Components, that are licensed from the Store, are the third-party payment processor's standard terms and conditions.

    Where a refund is provided by VisionAppster on Seller's behalf under the Terms, may VisionAppster withhold Seller's share of the refund amount from future Transactions of the Seller or from Seller's current balance.

  • Privacy

  • Privacy and Data Protection

    Seller is the data controller who determines the purpose and means of the processing of Personal Data of the Licensees. VisionAppster is the data processor for the Personal Data processed in connection with the Seller's use of the Store and based on the Seller Agreement, processes Personal Data on behalf of the Seller.

    VisionAppster takes the security of User's personal information very seriously and is committed to keeping them safe and secure. We advise all Users to study VisionAppster Privacy Policy carefully to become familiar with our privacy practises.