The VisionAppster Roadmap

Just like you, we’re passionate about vision apps, machine vision and image analysis. That’s why we’re constantly developing the VisionAppster platform – full speed ahead. We’ll introduce new updates to our Builder and Engine, and launch our Store and Cloud Service in 2019.

Taking the VisionAppster platform to new heights

We’ll be adding a number of new features and updates in 2019. They’re all designed to help you build and run better vision apps.

VisionAppster Builder

We’ll add new features and several usability enhancements for building tools and apps.

CUDA Support

We will add CUDA support for ONNX runtime.

Cloud Services

Run your vision apps in the VisionAppster cloud and connect with a full RESTful API. With the addition of a full suite of cloud services, VisionAppster is an even stronger, simpler and more secure platform for building and running vision apps.


The VisionAppster Engine for Jetson NANO is a reliable, economical and easy-to-use computer vision app development solution that runs with Jetson NANO.

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