VisionAppster Roadmap

Just like you, we’re passionate about vision apps, machine vision and image analysis. That’s why we’re constantly developing the VisionAppster platform – full speed ahead. We’ll introduce new versions of our Builder and Engine, a Store, Cloud service and more in summer of 2019.

VisionAppster Builder 3.0

A deep learning and lot of new features.

VisionAppster Engine 3.0

Will support running your apps in the cloud.

VisionAppster Store

Buy and sell vision apps, tools and algorithms.

VisionAppster Cloud

Run vision and configure vision apps with RESTful API and securely store apps and data.


Taking the VisionAppster platform to new heights

We’ll be adding a number of new features and updates in 2019. They’re all designed to help you build and run better vision apps, make fewer mistakes and write better code.

The new Builder 3.0

With a deep learning and lot of new features., this is the most modern VisionAppster Builder yet. Whether you’re an experienced vision app developer just staring out, VisionAppter Builder 3.0 is the only tool you need.

Cloud Services

Run your vision apps in the VisionAppster cloud and connect with full RESTful API. With a full suite of cloud services, VisionAppster becomes and even stronger, simpler and more secure platform for building and running vision apps.

VisionAppster Store

Make all your hard work and lines of code pay off with the VisionAppster Store. You’ll be able to buy and sell vision tools, apps, hardware and algorithms.

Enhanced APIs

With a whole set of new features and full documentation, our C, JavaScript and RESTful APIs are better than ever.

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