The VisionAppster
Application Builder & Engine

Together, our Application Builder & Engine are the only platform you need to build and run computer vision apps.


Use VisionAppster Builder to build computer vision apps

VisionAppster is the most agile way to build computer vision apps, because you can build them graphically instead of by coding. You’ll see the changes you make right away and you can modify your app while it’s runs, no compilation needed. Creating simple user interfaces is super simple and so is controlling them. And you can use JavaScript to add custom analysis tools that take your app to even higher heights. Bring your own deep neural network models with ONNX.


And run them with the VisionAppster Application Engine

Our Application Engine lets you run vision apps on your server, cameras, PCs or even Raspberry Pi. And you can connect and configure your vision apps with RESTful API. You can automatically correct perspectives and join multiple cameras and move or change cameras without any change to your vision app. Our engine also supports multiple simultaneous image sources.


VisionAppster Cloud Services & Store

The VisionAppster Store will be launched in the summer of 2019. It will be the world’s best marketplace for buying and selling vision apps, algorithms, and image analysis and other tools.

VisionAppster Cloud Services let you run vision apps and configure them with RESTful API. It also securely stores all of your vision apps and account data and lets you access and retrieve them when you like.

Get VisionAppster Builder free license until end of 2019


These are just some of the companies already using VisionAppster