Object Detector

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Object Detector

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Find what you’re looking for – quickly and easily. Use this API to detect up to 80 types of objects in images, including people, vehicles, animals, food and more. The applications of this app are vast and can be used to do things like detect and count audiences, analyze traffic flow, for surveillance, and much more.


  • People detection/counting
  • Traffic analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Image search

More Info:

  • Current Version:
  • Released on: 4/8/20, 11:10 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/27/20, 10:27 PM
  • Publisher: office@visionappster.com

API Tester

api Documentation

Detect objects

Detects the recognized objects in the image using YOLOv3 ONNX model.


  • image – Input image.


  • objects – A JSON object containing the bounding boxes of the detected objects.

Example output:

  "objects": [
      "confidence": 0.76,
      "name": "dog ",
      "rectangle": {
        "h": 109,
        "w": 150,
        "x": 88,
        "y": 45

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