IP Camera Driver

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IP Camera Driver

Per Seat: €3.00
Monthly Subscription: €1.00
Usage Based API: €0.00

Use image stream from any IP Camera. More info...

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Add any IP Camera image stream for the image source.

VisionAppster Engine (http://localhost:2015):
1. Click "Cameras"
2. Click "IP" from dropdown menu
3. Add IP address like
4. Click "Add" button.

VisionAppster Builder:
1. Open project or click "New" project.
2. Drag and drop "Image Source" tool from the "Tool" menu.
3. Click "Camera Id" (No camera) text from dropdown menu.
4. Add camera address like "ip:"
5. Hit "Enter" from your keyboard to add IP camera address to list.


  • Use any IP Camera in VisionAppster Engine
  • Use any IP Camera in VisionAppster Builder
  • Use username and password

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  • Released on: 4/8/20, 11:19 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/27/20, 10:27 PM
  • Publisher: office@visionappster.com

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