Image Scaler

  • Overview

    The goal is to implement a scaling algorithm that is able to scale photographic (and possibly other types of) images up and down while maintaining visual quality.

    Submitted entries will be evaluated primarily based on the visual quality of the scaled images. If two entries produce approximately equal quality, the faster one will win.

    As with all competitions, cross-platform applicability and source code quality are taken into account.

    Build your Image Scaler by using VisionAppster C API.

  • Description

    The rescaling tool should use the following C-interface

    Implementation template

    #include <kuvio_tool.h>
    #include <kuvio_all_types.h>
    KUVIO_IMPLEMENT_PLUGIN(RescalePlugin, 1.0.0)
    ( IDENTIFIER     (RescalingTool),
      NAME           ("Rescaling tool"),
      TAG            ("rescaling"),
      PROCESS        (RescalingTool_process),
      REQUIRED_INPUT (kuvio_image, image),
      OPTIONAL_INPUT (double, rescaleFactor, 1),
      STATIC_META    (double, rescaleFactor_min, 0),
      OUTPUT         (kuvio_image, image)
    int32_t RescalingTool_process(void* instance, void* arguments)
      struct RescalingTool_args* args = (struct RescalingTool_args*)arguments;
      (void)instance; // unused
      args->out.image = kuvio_image_calloc_copy(args->in.image);
      return KUVIO_SUCCESS;
  • Data

    You can use your own image set.

  • Rules

    One account per participant
    You cannot sign up to Visionappster from multiple accounts and therefore you cannot submit from multiple accounts.

    No teams

    Submission Limits
    You may submit a maximum of 2 entries per day.
    You may select up to 5 final submissions for judging.

    Competition Timeline

    Start Date: 11/15/2018 00:00 AM UTC

    End Date: 7/30/2019 0:00 AM UTC

  • Rescale an image in and out by a factor specified by the user.

Image Quality 80%
Speed 20%


Winner 300€ (Winner name)
Silver 150€ (Silver name)
Bronze 50€ (Bronze name)

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