Building and running vision apps is tricky.

VisionAppster makes it simple.

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VisionAppster makes it simple.

Whether you’re developing an app, image analysis or looking to monetize your image analysis code, VisionAppster is the only tool you need.

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  • Builder

    VisionAppster Builder is a vision software that enables vision users to develop and run vision apps.

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  • Engine

    Our Application Engine lets you run vision apps on your server, cameras, PCs or even Raspberry Pi .

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  • APIs

    C API, RESTful API, and JavaScript and it works with multiple cameras.

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Here’s why you'll love VisionAppster

Whether you’re developing a machine vision app, doing image analysis for your web service, AI product or more, VisionAppster is the only platform you need to make it happen.

With features like app templates, access to OpenCV Libraries, easy integration with the RESTful API and fast and free barcode readers, VisionAppster has the tools you need to make designing, building and running vision apps simple every step of the way. It saves you time, effort and lots of headaches.

10+ ready app templates

Jumpstart your project and gain insight into how to build vision apps with over 10 easy-to-use app templates.

80+ time-saving tools

Save time with over 80 different tools and components.


Easy integration with VisionAppster’s RESTful API.

C API and JavaScript Support

Bring your own code and create custom tools and assets.

Barcode and QR Code tool

Integrate our fast and free tool to your software to read any barcode or QR code.

OpenCV Libraries

Choose from our ready-to-use OpenCV tools – no coding needed.

Check the demo videos from our Youtube Channel.

Run the VisionAppster engine with Raspberry Pi

Run VisionAppster on your Raspberry Pi and you’ve got yourself a reliable, economical and easy-to-use solution for developing machine vision apps. It’s packed with over 80 analytics-building tools, including easy access to the Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV), template apps that make it easy to get started and develop correctly, and much more. VisionAppster and Raspberry Pi are a solid starting point for everyone from experienced developers to industry newcomers.

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